Busch Stadium in St Louis

Busch Stadium in St Louis MO

busch stadium in st louis

Also referred to as New Busch Stadium, Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, is a baseball park and home of the baseball giants the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis’s Major League Baseball franchise. With a seating capacity of about 45, 000 people, 3, 700 club seats, and 61 luxury suites, the stadium is the place to be if you enjoy baseball or want a weekend out with friends and family. This stadium replaced Busch Stadium II (Busch Memorial Stadium) and continues to occupy a part of the stadium’s former footprint. Ballpark Village is a commercial area built next to the stadium over the rest of the previous stadium’s footprint.

History of Busch Stadium

So, the stadium is one of the best places to watch a baseball match on a sunny afternoon as you sit on the upper deck and enjoy the match. You can watch some of the best baseball teams battle each other for the glorious title. The stadium has some of the views of the Gateway Arch and the St. Louis skyline, some of the most iconic structures in the United States. The Cardinal’s first game at Sportsmans Park (later renamed Busch Stadium) in North St. Louis before moving to downtown St. Louis into the multipurpose Busch Stadium. The second Busch Stadium acted as the home to the Cardinals as well as to several other events, including the St. Louis Cardinals NFL team prior to relocating to Arizona. In the 1990s, Busch Stadium underwent extreme remodeling, placing it among the best baseball stadiums despite remaining enclosed. In the late 1990s, there was a need to expand the stadium and the Cardinals sought the construction of a new one as ownership was looking to increase revenue earned from extra amenities such as club seats that the previous Busch Stadium lacked and luxury suites. Get details about the St. Louis Science Center.

Both ownership and fans agreed that the best place to construct a new ballpark for the city’s Cardinals would be in downtown St. Louis but the team did not get sufficient support from St. Louis and began looking for alternative options on the East of the Mississippi River, Illinois. When the Cardinals played their first game against the Milwaukee Brewers in April 2006, it was at the Busch Stadium. As you approach the ballpark you will see a façade with brick and steel as well as arched openings at every main entrance. Besides the three main decks, the Busch Stadium also has the main concourse, terrace concourse levels, and lodge concourse.

Sports and Events

The stadium opened in April 2006 with an exhibition between Springfield Cardinals and the minor league Memphis Redbirds, who are affiliates of the St. Louis Cardinals, in which Springfield Cardinals won 5-3. The official major league first took place in the same month, in which the results were 6-4 in favor of Cardinals who were playing against the Milwaukee Brewers behind an Albert Pujols home run. Another sports event that had the highest attendance besides baseball was the May 2013 friendly match between Manchester City and Chelsea, which had 48, 263 people. On the other hand, the baseball game with the highest attendance to date took place on Mothers’ Day in May 2019, with 48, 556 people in attendance to watch the game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cardinals.

Since the stadium was last opened, fans have flocked it for Cardinals games. They park in parking garages close by and then walk the rest of the way to the stadium. They often enter the gates as the main concourse level and then take ramps to the upper levels. The stadium is full of red seats enclosing it. However, many amenities have since been added to the stadium to include the Family Pavilion with numerous games and activities. There’s also Homer’s Landing, which is a picnic area and a stadium bar and club restaurant.

Cardinals’ fans are passionate and some of the most loyal fans in baseball as the club attracts more than 3 million fans annually to attend events at the stadium each season. The Cardinals have also won three seasons (2006, 2011, and 2013) of the NL pennant since relocating to Busch Stadium.

So, if you are a baseball fanatic or just want to have a good time around St. Louis, you may want to visit Busch Stadium. Just ensure you’re well conversant with the match fixtures and know when to expect exciting matches and games. You can invite your friends to cheer your favorite team on as you have a good time.

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