City Museum in St Louis

City Museum in St Louis

city museum in st louis

The county of St. Louis in Missouri offers some noteworthy sites that deserve to be seen by all visitors alike with the unique splendor they all possess. One such attraction that offers unique views seen nowhere else is the ‘City Museum’. While your typical museum houses work of art and the usual installations, the City Museum presents a mixture of some of the highlights of other attractions such as a playground, pavilions, and funhouses. Let us step inside this marvel of an attraction to know just what makes it tick.

This not-so-ordinary museum was conceived by artists Bob and Gail Cassilly upon acquiring a 600,000 sq. foot lot that used to be the site of an abandoned shoe warehouse in Downtown, St. Louis. Prior to its creation, the two envisioned the city museum to be a ‘city within a city.’ With the help of welders, sculptors, and other artists, they started to build the museum in 1993 without revealing any information to the residents of St. Louis. The first-ever installation to be built for the museum was a 500-foot tall concrete and iron serpent sculpture placed on the parking area. This sculpture gave residents a first glimpse of the kind of attraction being built on the site. Over the years, the couple and the construction team completed several of the other installations such as a whale sculpture and a system of caverns at the museum’s core. In 1997, the museum officially opened to the public.

Continuous improvement was done on the museum over the next two decades as more installations were added such as a dome rooftop and a network of caves. This also includes the largest outdoor museum in the entire USA – Monstrocity. This sculpture consists of around 30,000 artifacts that the artists have molded to become planes, castles, and slides. With the success of the museum, several groups gave them donated installations such as fossils and sculptures to add to the museum’s already plentiful roster of views.Go here for info on the St. Louis Zoo

Currently, the museum has an ensemble of attractions that continue to operate despite the threat of the pandemic. The main building consists of four floors, each having a unique set of exhibits. At the top of the museum sits the rooftop which provides picturesque views of the entire city. On the first floor, there are also numerous slides and rides that children and children-at-heart can enjoy. Some of these include a treehouse spiral slide, wave slide, and a huge Ferris wheel that is situated jus beside the main building. Everyone can have fun with all that the city museum has to offer.

Aside from offering a various ensemble of slides, installations, and rides, the museum also has an in-house social circus – Circus Harmony – which provides weekly performances at the museum dome and teaches visitors the basic skills of acrobatics.

With the threat of the pandemic, the museum opens its doors while observing proper health protocols to ensure the safety of its visitors. Attractions where social distancing cannot be observed have been closed until notice. The museum has also limited its days of operation to be during the weekends only. Despite this, the museum continues to bring happiness to all who step onto its doors and explore all that it has to offer.

If you are within the area of St. Louis and are looking for an adventure, look no further than the City Museum to give you that rush of exploration that no other museum can provide. From the bottom with all its slides and ramps, to the very summit of its rooftop, the museum is brimming with so much fun to discover.

Driving directions to our office from the City Museum in St. Louis

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Head northwest toward N 16th St
Turn left toward N 16th St and turn right onto N 16th St
Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Delmar Blvd
Turn left onto Jefferson Ave
Use the right lane to take the ramp onto I-64 W/US-40 W
Follow I-64 W to S Hanley Rd in Richmond Heights. Take exit 31B from I-64 W
Merge onto S Hanley Rd and our location will be on the right
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