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They say “Art imitates life.” Perhaps this is the reason why art is sought after by many and valued by millions when sold. Art portrays the most creative representation of humanity’s ideas and beliefs, encapsulated in a form such as a painting, film, and the like. This is true for the residents of St. Louis, a city in the Minnesota state. The St. Louis Art Museum, housed within the city’s vicinity, is home to some of the best works of art that spans decades and cultures both native and foreign to the United States. While all museums have art in them, the St. Louis art museum has something to offer for us all.

Founded in 1879, the museum was established alongside the creation of other museums in different states across the country. The museum started off as a humble collection of plaster casts, figures, and other media, eventually blossomed into a wide assortment of works that span decades worth of history in the city.

The museum is home to a great variety of works, spanning visual, architectural, and 3-dimensional fields. These works are dated and sourced from pre-classical, classical, European, Eastern, among others. While installations may change every month, there are also permanent works that will always be on-display for all visitors alike. Some of them include art by Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Currently, the museum is widely considered as one of the best in the entire country due in part to the huge and various collection it possesses. The museum creates installations and events that vary every month which feature art from both the local and international scene. Examples of these include German Art, works of highlighted artists, showcases from photographers, and the like. Public tours are available wherein knowledgeable guides will assist curious minds through the museum’s sections for them to know better the story behind the scenic works. When pouring through the museum’s collections, one may not finish in a single day due to the large number of works on display. For this reason, the guides will also recommend art that is related to those they are presenting so that the visitors can look into them another time should they be interested.

Aside from showing art, the museum is also home to a restaurant and a café. The museum’s restaurant is called ‘Panorama’ which serves full courses for customers hungry after a day of going through works of art. For those looking for just a quick bite, the quick-service café has specialized snacks and drinks to perk you up right back to touring. Outside the museum, visitors can relax and unwind at the small park which provides some peace and quiet should the visitors want to rest for a little bit after an entire day of looking at art.Click here to get information about the Busch Stadium.

Museums are windows to an ensemble of creatives. The paintings, installations, and other works of art are testament to the undying creativity of human kind throughout our centuries of traditions and culture. The St. Louis Art Museum showcases such unparalleled creativity within the city which highlights works from both inside and out of the country. If you find yourself within the vicinity of the city, be sure to pay a visit to the art museum for you to dive headfirst onto the culture of St. Louis.

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Turn left to stay on Fine Arts Dr and turn left onto Lagoon Dr
Continue onto Forsyth Blvd and turn left onto S Hanley Rd
Continue straight to stay on S Hanley Rd and we will be on the left
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