Demun Park

Demun Park

In the city of Clayton, Missouri, lies a humble park that everyone can pay visit to and feel a sense of familiarity over its simple features. Demun Park is a play area of the neighborhood located in the corner of Demun and Southwood within the business district of Demun. Being situated in a historic neighborhood, the park has its fair share of nice views of 1920s architecture as seen from its boundaries. Let us pay a quick look at what this park has to offer.

In the past, the park’s land was developed into a neighborhood by French owner Jules Demun. Later on, the land was divided into three – one for the city of St. Louis, one for the Concordia Semenary, and the last part was developed into the neighborhood and park that we see today in the city.  A restrictive deed was put in place to ensure that there will be architectural consistency within the neighborhood and to provide sufficient funding to maintain the neighborhood and park of Demun. It is for this reason that the park is well-maintained to this day and remains to be one of the highlights of the city among its visitors.

The park is split into two playgrounds depending on age. One area is designated for 2-5-year-old children. In this half-acre area, the playground equipment has been chosen specifically safe for toddlers to use. This area is also enclosed by a decorative steel fence, meaning that parents need not be worried that their kids might end up wandering out of the park if they are left unsupervised. The other area is designated for 5 to 12-year-olds. Hence, the equipment for this area is also applicable for the age bracket of the children using them, such as larger slides and monkey bars.

For parents, looking out for their kids need not be a hassle because there are available tables within the park where they can wait while their children play. The tables also make good setting for a nice picnic. Aside from the playground, the park also comes complete with a little library where kids can read if they are tired from playing. The central raised garden was designed to include long winding walks. These winding paths make for a good cycling area for kids to use their bicycles without going out of the park’s vicinity. Outside of the park, there are a good number of restaurants where families can grab a bite after playing with their kids in the park.

If you ever find yourself within the city of Clayton, do pay a visit to the Demun park to see the wide variety of amenities and peaceful play that it has to offer. For both kids and kids-at-heart, the Demun Park is a sanctuary where we can all play and have fun. Listed below are the contact details, address, and schedule of the park.

Demun Park

Address: 810 DeMun Ave Clayton, MO 63105

Open hours: Open 6:00AM to 10PM daily

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Driving directions to our office from DeMun Park
Head north on De Mun Ave toward S Rosebury Ave
Make a U-turn at N Rosebury Ave
Turn right onto Clayton Rd
Turn right onto S Hanley Rd and our office will be on the right

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