Hanley House

Hanley House

Being a historic city, Clayton of Missouri has seen a good section of the country’s history over the years. The seat of the St. Louis County borders the city of St. Louis and is home to a good number of attractions that tourists can find charming. One such attraction is the historic Hanley house museum. Let us take a quick look at this attraction to see its history and some of the reasons why it’s a museum worth of a good visit.

In 1855, Martin Franklin Hanley built the house to serve as a farmstead. Martin and his wife Cyrene lived in the property until their children had kids of their own. The house became home to the daughter of the couple, Nancy Hanley, who never married and stayed in the house up to her death at the age of 97 in 1938. Before she died, she asked for her granddaughters Byrd and Barbara Yore to take care of her. Upon her passing, the house was bestowed to the two granddaughters. Later, the city of Clayton offered to purchase the land from the two along with the one-acre land that the house sits upon, to which the two agreed. When the house was put into the city’s possession, efforts were raised to restore the house to its former glory since years of decay had taken its toll on its features. Check this out.

Once restored, the Hanley house was turned into a museum and opened to the public in 1971. The museum was tailored to narrate a picture of life in a 19th century Missouri farm as seen from the years of the Hanley family. It is the oldest structure in the city and has been listed on the country’s National Register of Historic Places.

The house has been faithfully restored to bring back the original color and fix the decaying features of the house. Now it is a beautiful piece that appears to have not aged a day. Inside however, the house is still brimming with history.  When you step into the house, you are treated to the sights of artifacts, original family furnishings, and letters of the family. Visitors will get a good feel of the kind of life that the family enjoyed in their years at the house. They can also learn a lot from the house’s history and the efforts placed to restore it back to its good condition. Architecture enthusiasts will adore the house’s historic farmhouse architecture that shows good craftsmanship despite the limited tools in their time. The museum paints a nice picture of how families have lived in the past within the city and the country.

If you are within the city’s vicinity and you love history, the Hanley House museum is a must-see given its rich features, amenities, and the story it tells of a family that once lived within its walls many years ago. Listed below are the address and open hours of the museum.

Hanley House

address: 7600 Westmoreland Ave.Clayton, MO 63105

Open hours: Tours at April – October Every Thursday:  10:00 am – 4:00 pm Third Saturday each month: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Driving directions to our office from Hanley House
Head west on Westmoreland Ave toward N Hanley Rd
Turn left onto N Hanley Rd
Continue straight onto S Hanley Rd
Our office will be on the left

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