How To Learn SEO

How To Learn SEO

SEO is one of the easiest ways to get traffic online to your website. However, it isn’t easy to learn, and the people who are good at doing it won’t always share their secrets. Learning SEO is an arduous process that requires total commitment and the willingness to spend a lot of time and effort testing things on your own.

What Exactly Is SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of implementing different variables and factors that will help your website rank in the top 10 on Google and other search engines. There are certain things that the search engines look for, and it is your job to make sure your website fits all those criteria.

This type of work is also very competitive, so you have to race against other teams trying to achieve the same goal. Search engine optimization has three main parts. These are on-page, backlinks, and technical SEO.  Learn more about on page and off page techniques.

The different components of search engine optimization come together to form a cohesive system, and everything needs to be addressed for you to get any results.

Types of SEO

There are two main ways of doing search engine optimization. The way you choose will depend on whether you want fast rankings, or you are willing to put in the work and do things slow and steady and achieve sustainable results. Those two different methods are referred to as black hat and white hat.

White hat involves doing things according to the rules. It means following what Google says you should do, and you can be sure that your rankings will be steady and consistent. However, it is a lot more difficult and slow to rank your website this way. It is like following the rules versus taking the easy way and deciding to cheat.

Black hat SEO is the opposite. It is all about doing things that Google has expressly forbidden, and in some cases, those things might be illegal. The main thing about black hat SEO is you are going against the terms of service, which means you are highly likely to be banned from the search results.

Learning SEO From Books

One of the ways to learn SEO is to watch online training videos and read books. You can start with a book called The Art of SEO. This book will teach you everything you need to know, and it will serve as an excellent reference in the future.

Online SEO Learning Resources

When it comes to online resources, there are many websites and blogs you can read to get up-to-date information. Search Engine Land is one of the most reputable websites you can go to read the latest updates about SEO.

SEO Forums and Communities

When it comes to learning SEO, you will generally learn the most from online communities. This is where seasoned professionals go to talk about the latest tips, tricks, and techniques. It is important to make friends here and get up to speed quickly.

Communities can also form off the Internet, and it is a great way to make lifelong partners in this endeavor. There are also private communities that you can get invited to if you can provide valuable information to everyone else.

Reverse Engineering SERPS

One of the things to remember about SEO is you will always have a chance to learn while watching what the SERPs do. Google cannot hide its hand, so you can always see how they rank websites based on the current rankings.

A very strategic and efficient way to learn seo is to reverse engineer websites that are already ranking. What makes them rank? Why did sites that stopped ranking stop? These types of questions will help you gain insight into how the algorithm works.

Actually Trying to Rank Websites

On top of doing research and reverse engineering, you will learn SEO by actually trying to rank websites. You should always have a few test sites up and running where you can run experiments to see what happens.

SEO is a complicated but a fun thing to learn and you can visit our homepage for more details. It is essential for online businesses, and you can learn it by reading books, going on forums, and doing tests yourself. When you do all these things, you can be sure that you will slowly learn and master the art of SEO.