Link Building for SEO

Link Building for SEO

When it comes to hyperlinking for your website, not only is it important for directing more traffic your way, but it’s important for getting you listed on the top of search engine front pages, especially Google’s. In theory, link building seems simple because after all, all you need is just a lot of links going to your website right? Not exactly. There’s a lot more to link building beyond just simply having a hyperlink going to your website from another website. SEO can significantly increase your businesses’ online exposure.  Explore more advantages of seo for your website.

In the meantime, here’s a few tips on back links you should consider using in your link building strategy.

Getting Links To Your Website From An Authoritative Website

Who links to your website matters to search engines. A little-known blog author linking to you from WordPress will not carry as much weight or improve your search engine ranking as much as getting linked to by a publisher like the HuffPost, for example. If you offer quality content on your website that is related to articles or substance promoted by an authoritative publisher, you might consider contacting the editorial team there to see if they would link to your website. But even if you don’t get links from a high authority website, getting them from a fairly reputable website can help you a lot.

Getting Links That Are Natural Looking

Google and other search engines don’t want to see hyperlinks going to your website that look unusual or don’t appear to flow well with the content of the linking website. It’s generally a bad idea to post links as naked URLs in some random place on the linking website. You also should avoid hyperlinking to your website in a keyword phrase that looks spammy or seems a bit out of place. You should have quality links that are part of naturally flowing text and related to the content of the linking website.

Getting Social Media Links

Having links going from a social media page can also help since you can setup an official page with a link to your website, but also because your followers may also post the link to your website on their own pages. One reason this helps is that the traffic going to your website from social media will be organic and be detected by search engines as such. But search engines can also list based on the reputation of your social media page, so it’s important to be active with linking on your social media profiles.

Getting Links with Visuals And Videos

The quality of your links can depend on the kind of visual content they point to. A quality image on your website that is also posted and linked to by another website will definitely get the attention of search engines, and so will videos. It’s helpful to check around the web and see if anyone else has posted any image or video content of yours without hyperlinking to it, and if they have, you should ask them to.

Linking is just as much about quality for SEO as keywords and website design are. Check out this page.  So your strategy should be about getting linked to both by reputable content publishers and ensuring the appearance of the links appeals to search engines.