Pay Per Click Marketing

What is Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing has taken the internet by storm in recent years. It is a powerful tool for getting your ad in front of as many relevant people as possible. Let’s first take a look at what PPC marketing is all about.

Understanding the basics of Pay Per Click

Pay per click marketing is the strategy of getting people searching the web to click an ad banner. Each time the ad is clicked, the person is linked to a landing page and you are paid for generating that click. The advertiser pays for each click because it allows them to generate sales for their online business.  This is in contrast to search engine optimization which garners what is known as organic traffic. You can find out how to learn about seo and how it works if you are interested.

Search engines are the most popular vehicle for pay per click advertising. If you have ever seen sponsored links posted at the top of your search results, then you have been exposed to PPC marketing. The advertiser pays to get their link placed where the most amount of people will see it. Each time the ad is clicked, a fee is charged to that advertiser.

The goal is to generate a sale that more than makes up for the cost of each click. For instance, if each click costs $2 but leads to a landing page that generates $200 per sale, then it is well worth the small investment of two bucks. The price of each click is determined by how efficient your business and how clean the ad looks on the search results.

To optimize the results you must have fully researched keywords and appealing landing pages that you link to. When your page converts a lot of clickers into buyers, the search engine takes note and offers you a better deal for that particular campaign. That is why it is so vital to not spam useless junk and deliver an engaging and that leads to a valuable product or service.

Researching the Best PPC Keywords

Creating a list of relevant keywords is so vital because it ensures only people interested in your business will see your ad. The best keyword list is relevant, exhaustive, and expansive. While it may seem like a waste to target relevant words that are hardly searched, that also means you have less competition. These exhaustive keywords tend to be way cheaper but lead to the same amount of conversions once clicked.

An expansive keyword list is one that is constantly growing and changing as trends shift and new data emerges. Checking for keywords only once is a sure way to miss out on a large number of sales. Once you have a list of every possible word, you will be seeing massive cash flow to your business. This makes it well worth the time consuming effort.

PPC Management and Optimization

Finally, you want to manage your campaign to keep it fully optimized as new data rolls in. Check which keywords don’t lead to sales and remove them to save money. Also, refine your landing pages so that they convert more sales. Compare the pages that work best and make under performing ones look as similar as possible to grasp people’s attention.

PPC marketing is an awesome way to start getting people to your website quickly while waiting for SEO- search engine optimization services to kick in. Once you get the ball rolling, your website will get tons of traffic and your site analytics will have tons of data for you to analyze. If you would like to learn more and see if a PPC marketing campaign is right for you, or if you have an existing PPC marketing campaign and want to see if you can save money, check out this website.